Rajgad Dnyanpeeth's
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Accredited by NAAC 'A' Grade

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Late. Sou. Nirmalatai Thopte
Former Secretary, Rajgad Dnyanpeeth

Hon'ble Mr. Anantraoji Thopte
Founder, President, Rajgad Dnyanpeeth, Bhor
Ex-Education Minister, Maharashtra State


     Instilling trust and quality with good result among the new generation are Hallmarks of Rajgad Dnyanpeeth. I am much keen on education of boys and girls from hilly and remote area and proud to say that girls out number in each faculty of Rajgad Dnyanpeeth. Anantrao Thopte College is located amidst hills of the Western Gats. Bhor which is a historical place in maharashtra surrounded by forts like Rajgad, Rohida, Raireshwar, Kenjalgad etc. and it is also a tourist attraction for beautifull places like Rajwada (Pant-Sachiv Palace), Neckless Point, Zultapul (Hanging Bridge), Bhatghar Dam, Neera-Devghar Dam etc. In this area Maharaj Shri. Chhatrapati Shivajiraje Bhosale has acquired his glory, victory in the vicinity of Bhor. We, in this College, try to provide all the amenities to the students seeking admissions from Bhor, Velha, Mulshi,Khandala, Wai, Purandar, Mahad and other places of tahsils. We expects our students to acquire all the qualities of Shri Chhatrapati Shivajiraje, thus making them a very good citizen with high moral and excellent in academics in Arts, Commerce and Science fields at university level and at Junior Highschool level as well. We wish students to get involved in social activities hence there is focus on NCC, NSS and Sports departments that enable students to serve our nation in betterway.

Best Wishes

Hon'ble Shri.Sangramdada Thopte
Executive President,Rajgad Dnyanpeeth
M.L.A. Bhor-Velha-Mulshi Assembly
Hon'ble Mrs. Swarupatai Thopte
Honorary Secretory, Rajgad Dnyanpeeth